New and gently used items  for horse and rider!
Barn Door Consignments
104 Knight Street | Aberdeen, NC 28315
910 944 5011
Barn Door Consignments (BDC) is an equestrian consignment store specializing in
the sale of used riding clothes, tack, and other horse-related items. The following
information details how we handle your consignment items. If you have any further
questions, please call or contact us.

All articles must be clean and in good repair. Items accepted for consignment will be
at our discretion. Damaged items will be discarded and/or returned to you. Items are
accepted at the store during regular business hours. If dropping off large quantities of
items, we request that you call ahead for an appointment to drop them off.

We will price your items according to the market standards, the items age, and
condition. If you have a certain price that you want on an item, we will attempt to get
the price you desire. If an offer is made on your item, we will notify you and let you
accept, counter, or refuse.

In time, some items may be reduced in price to encourage a sale (saddles are
excluded from this policy). Items that remain unsold after a length of time will be
donated to a charity of our choice.

All consigned items are left at the owner’s risk. We do our best to protect your items,
but are not responsible for losses due to theft, fire, flood, or accidental damage.

Please contact us with any questions or if you need further information. You may
download our Consignment Agreement here.

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Wednesday & Sunday
We are located behind
Aberdeen Supply
104 Knight Street
in Aberdeen.